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Andreas Lainis


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Doctor Cytopathologist

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Lainis Andreas, born and raised in Athens, where he graduated from the Patissia High School in 1977. At a young age he lost his mother to cancer, which determined his future choices. Graduated from the Medical University of Thessaloniki in 7/1983, he began his specialty at the Department of Pathological Anatomy at the University of Athens. He continued his specialty at the IKA Athens Pathological Laboratory, the Cytological Laboratory of Piraeus Cancer Hospital “METAXA” until February 1988.

Perhaps to this day, the youngest specialized doctor in Greece. He served his military service till 1989. From 4/1989 to 4/1990 he was serving his field service at the Kamena Vourla Agricultural Clinic. Since then he has been a private cytologist with practice in several cities in Greece.

One of the first doctors in Europe to identify viruses and microbes (IN SITU hybridization), introduced liquid cytology methods in Greece since 1998, the ThinPrep Pap Test as well as all the developments of modern immunocytochemistry, molecular cytology and more.

Has trained in various hospitals mainly abroad and participated in many conferences. Always being at the cutting edge of technology and science, he has managed to contribute to the management protocols of all modern health problems in his specialty.

In addition to his scientific concerns, he played volleyball at the Panhellenic General Assembly. where he was a disc thrower. Photography (with 2 years of participation in NFE seminars), music (old DJ and radio stations), champion of Greece at Bridge, fanatic fisherman, librarian and big collector of vinyls, stamps and minerals.