Frequently Asked Questions about our labs.

What is the result timeframe for our diagnostic tests?

As soon as possible, depending on the examination type and the time of preparation and diagnosis required.

How do I receive my exam results?

We create a unique online account with a username and password of your choice on our server. You then enter your credentials at the login screen of the application located on our site and you get access to the files with all your exam results.

How to procure and dispatch materials.

Contact our call center and we will ship the materials to you either by our own distributors or by courier (ACS) at our own expense.

What should I do when there is no exam result or another technical problem?

You need to contact our call center and get any help you may need.

How can i pay?

You can pay via bank for over 500 euros, to our distributors and we will soon be accepting card payments.

Can I recommend my patients coming to your lab for a specialized examination?

Of course you can, this is a very common occurance to us because of the trust relationship we have with our partners. If you would like to contact us we will also make special prices for your patients!

I would like to complain about your services, who can i contact?

First of all, we regret that we failed to live up to your expectations. If you wish, you can call the PR Department to explain what the problem is and try to provide you with a solution.

Public Relations Officer – Thanasis Gougoulis : sales@mikroskopisi.gr, 6980486616

Meet our Doctors

Our labs' scientific staff consists of people with a great deal of experience in the specific field that each person has undertaken.

Ask Us

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us.