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mikroskopisi - Diagnostic Labs

Our laboratory first opened the year 1992 in Volos, with its original composition of the Cytologist Lainis I. Andreas, a Biologist and 2 laboratory technicians. Along the way, it has broadened its horizons, using as its primary tool any new methodology in global medical practice around prevention, prognosis and valid diagnosis methods.

Our primary goal is to inform and familiarize the person with the treating doctor in order to achieve a good prognosis, prevention and valid diagnosis. Many diseases can be prevented, diagnosed early and avoided if the patient knew in the first place, had an easy way of contacting his doctor, and made some minimal effort to change things with little to no cost.

Our principle is to provide high quality medical services, at the cutting edge of science and technology, with respect and love for man. In our 20 years of operation, reliability, consistency, and above all immediacy, is why our laboratories are still operating at the same threshold and with greater force than they started.

Collaborating with doctors and clinics all over Greece

Our laboratories have collaborated and are collaborating with doctors, clinics, hospitals and individuals from all over Greece. Our intention is to further expand our partnerships with our immediate exam results having both reliability and consistency and by providing high quality services, always at the cutting edge of science and technology.

Depending on the requested examination, either by telephone or electronic communication, we may send you sampling materials and guide you on how to send it back. This applies to all cytological, molecular, microbiological and immunocytochemical tests in our laboratory.

Areas of Expertise

Our diagnostic laboratories and their specialized scientific staff are made up of doctors and scientists of various specialties and can provide the public as well as our medical associates with the following exam types.


Cytological exams specializing in Pap smears.


Molecular exams for co-testing with liquid cytology material.


Vaginal and cervical smear cultures for germs.


Improved protocol research as well as genome research.

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    mikroskopisi, your loyal partner!

    We offer our partners the feeling of reassurance and relief that someone capable and responsible is taking care of their patients' exams. Request a personalized update and customization of exam kits that suit the way your clinic operates!

    Meet our Doctors

    The medical staff of mikroskopisi is made up of people with a great deal of experience in the specific field that each person has undertaken.