Where to find us

Visit our diagnostic labs in the center of Athens and Volos.

Our scientific staff

The doctors, biologists and technologists of our laboratories.

Areas of expertise

Cytology, microbiology, genetic & molecular analysis, medical research.

A few words about us

Our core principle is to provide high quality medical services at the cutting edge of science and technology with respect and love for man.

Swift exam results, new examinations and application of modern protocols have expanded our partnerships with private doctors, hospitals and university clinics throughout Greece. At the beginning of 2012 we were able to expand and offer our services through our new diagnostic laboratory in Athens for the rest of Greece.

What Medical Services do we Offer?

Our diagnostic laboratories and their specialized scientific staff, made up of physicians and scientists of various specialties, provide the public as well as our medical associates with the following exam categories.

Cytology Exams

Cytological exams specializing in Pap smear were and are the core of our laboratories.

Through cytological tests we can also proceed to do molecular tests for greater accuracy and reliability.

Genetic & Molecular Exams

We provide a variety of molecular tests mainly for co-testing with liquid cytology material.

Microbiology Exams

Our laboratories specialize in the cultivation of vaginal and cervical smears for microbe detection.

Medical Research

Our laboratories have an active role in medical research related to improved methodologies and protocols as well as genome research.

In recent years we have been involved in experimental methods of IVF and prenatal screening.

Great Partners